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Single Day Dentistry

Overhauling your smile in a single day with the latest techniques and equipment is a definite YES!

The initial consultation entails understanding the needs of your treatment. Following this, dental procedures like crowns, bridges and veneers start with tooth preparation. A 3D intra-oral scanner is used to record an accurate measurement in seconds, replacing messy, uncomfortable impressions. The Cerec Sirona CAD CAM technology creates a perfect model of your tooth using colour-matching ceramic materials. Next, we simply cement the crown and off you go!

A similar technique for dental implants, also helps us replace missing teeth in a single day. This can be done for a single tooth, multiple teeth or even the whole mouth. Consult with us to learn if you are a good candidate for single visit implant dentistry.

Digital Dental Workflow: The Future of Work, Today

Today, dentistry without digital data and back-up does not exist. To a clinician’s benefit, the patient’s visual information will always be up to date and recorded in one place. This allows him to focus completely on the patient, without having to hunt for physical data like casts, photographs, radiographs, etc. Digital diagnostic procedures enable us to access the patient’s situation accurately, leaving nothing to guesswork or chance.

Apart from speeding up entire processes, eliminating human error helps us consistently create better fittings and more aesthetic crowns. We shorten time-to-teeth for our patients in a safe, time-efficient manner by following scientific, well-documented treatment procedures. We work in close association with leading giants of the dental innovation industry like Nobel Biocare, Noris, Straumann, Ivoclar, Shofu, Arum, ExoCad. This helps us implement best-in-class material and treatments to deliver immediate yet lasting aesthetic and functional solutions.

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