I. E-Consultation

The first interaction with the patient includes an online video or telephonic consultation where a brief medical, dental and radiological evaluation (if available) is done. The patient’s expectations are evaluated and the surgical and prosthetic procedures along with their limitations are also explained. An approximate cost estimate, along with the time required to achieve a sustainable result is also established.

II. Accommodation

Our executives track the flight schedule and reach the international arrival gate ahead of time to receive the patient and attendant party. In case of any flight changes in the flight schedule, the pick up is modified in accordance. In the rare incidence of absolute flight cancellation or unprecedented detour, rescheduling is done at the earliest from the airport nearest to you.

One vehicle out of our dedicated vehicle fleet is allocated to each patient party. The pick up vehicle from the airport then drives them over to the hotel, booked in prior, where they can relax and rest before their consultation.

III. First clinical visit and evaluation

The first clinical visit includes meeting our surgical team which includes the maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist, dental laboratory technician and surgical incharge. This team evaluates the viability of both conventional and advanced implant procedures with clinical observations, diagnostic cast evaluations, Intra oral radiographs, Cone Beam Computed Tomographs and 3-D printed models with in-house diagnostic equipment.

IV. Medical evaluation

Once cleared for the placement of implants, a thorough medical evaluation is done to evaluate for any possible complications and also to gather information about the possible prognosis of the implants.

Alternatively, this step can also be performed prior to arrival to permit enough time to bring values within acceptable levels for implant placement.

V. Component acquisition

The CBCT radiograph and OPG helps us determine the number, size and dimensions of implants required, following which the components are acquired from our dedicated dental implant vendors.

VI. Surgical Phase

Depending on the medical status and general physical examination of the patient, a decision is made to undertake the surgery under local or general anesthesia. During this phase, extraction of remaining teeth and root stumps is carried out followed by the placement of implants according to the decided pre- decided treatment protocol. These would include either of the following:

  • Single implants
  • Conventional All-on-4 implants
  • All on 4 +pterygoid implants
  • Zygomatic implants + Titled implants
  • Straight 6

VII. Prosthetic Phase:

The prosthetic phase begins immediately after the surgical phase. Our prosthodontist determines the requirement and plausibility of the nature of prosthesis in accordance to which procedures are carried out.

During this stage both analogue models and digital scans are made and procedures are carried out with respect to the same.

a) Immediate denture:

An immediate denture is one placed on the same day as the surgery. This is possible in case the surgical phase is carried out under local anesthesia. A denture is pre-fabricated based on previous dentulous measurements. This denture is then relined according to the newly recorded centric relation. Occlusal adjustments are made on a semi-adjustable articulator in the laboratory and final minor adjustments are made intra-orally.

The immediate denture serves to protect the surgical area and maintain aesthetics for 3-7 days after the surgery.

b) Intermediate denture:

The intermediate denture is placed following the immediate denture after initial tissue remodelling takes place. In cases where the placement of immediate denture is not possible or mandatory, the procedure for fabrication of intermediate denture is carried out immediately after the surgery and the denture is delivered 3-4 days after the surgical edema subsides.

The intermediate denture serves to function for 3-6 months after the surgery, permitting complete osseointegration of dental implants and soft tissue healing. Soft cushioning material like Graphenano with composite layering is used that doesn’t transmit excessive forces to the recovering bone.

c) Final Denture:

The final denture is fabricated after 3-6 months. Designed on the ExoCAD software and milled in the 5 axis Arum 200 milling machine, a titanium framework, supported the ceramic/zirconia and composite suprastructure, making for superior esthetics, function and form.

The final denture is made of durable, long term material that can take a high amount of biting force and resist daily wear and tear with minimum damage.

VIII. Post prosthetic observation Phase

Following the first prosthetic phase, ie, immediately after the surgery, the patient is advised to be under a 3-7 day out-patient observation period where-in any other necessary changes can be made to the denture if deemed necessary.

IX. Departure

Once the prosthodontic team is satisfied with the prognosis of the intermediate denture, the patient can return to his home country and return after 3-6 months, depending on his particular case

X. Review at our local partners

A monthly, followed by a quarterly check up is advised. Our executives will guide the patient to their nearest available partner dental clinic for the same.

XI. Final prosthetic appointment

The final prosthetic recall, after 6 months can be done in either of the following 2 ways:

a) The patient must return to our clinic in Hyderabad, India after 6 months for a final evaluation and subsequent fabrication of the final prosthesis.

b) Alternatively, the prosthesis can be manufactured from the scans acquired earlier and sent to our clinical partners overseas for fixation.

This decision depends on the diagnosis and patient performance, economic viability of travel and proximity of our partner clinics to our patients.

XII. Routine review and recall

A monthly, followed by a quarterly and then a yearly review protocol at any dental establishment is advised to all our patients for the maintenance and long term functionality of the prosthesis.

Our doctors are available at all times for any queries and opinions. Feel free to contact us for the same.